Laboratory Design, Build and Installation
Test, measurement and control systems
Research and development systems
Central laboratories, innovation laboratories
Clean Rooms – BSL1, BSL2 and BSL3
Chemical analysis testing devices
Microbiological analysis testing devices
Physical analysis products
Packaging testing products
Molecular biology, and genetic-based analysis products
Veterinary pesticide residues and other contaminants analysis products
Mycotoxin analysis products
Allergen test kits
Enzymatic analysis solutions
Antibiotic and inhibitor residues testing devices
Hygiene control and monitoring systems

Turnkey Laboratory Furniture

  • Designing & installation of laboratories
  • Supplying laboratory furniture
  • Supplying laboratory equipment
  • Consultancy in infrastructure & layout projects


  • Titrators.
  • Piston burettes.
  • Automatic titrators.
  • Karl Fischer Titrators.
  • Sample changer for titration.

Process Analytics

  • pH
  • ORP
  • Conductivity & Salinity
  • TDS
  • DO


  • Touchscreen Digital Refractometers
  • Keypad Digital Refractometers
  • OPTI Digital Handheld Refractometer
  • Eclipse Manual Handheld Refractometer.


  • ADP600 Series Polarimeters.
  • ADP400 Series Polarimeters.
  • ADS400 Series Saccharimeter.


Calibration materials for refractometers and polarimeters


Data Loggers

  • Temperature, pressure, humidity and conductivity data loggers.
  • Wide range of probe types and configurations.
  • Wireless data loggers for real time monitoring.
  • Data loggers for low space.

Routine Control

Data Loggers

  • Temperature, pressure, humidity and conductivity data loggers.
  • Electronic Bowie&Dick-Test according to ISO 17665 and EN 285 / EN 13060.
  • Data loggers for low space.
  • Data loggers for regular process controls.

Cold chain and process monitoring

Data Loggers

  • Standard Data Logger.
  • Wireless Data Logger System.
  • Multi-Channel Temperature Data Logger.
  • PDF Data Logger.


Handheld Meters

  • EX-Thermometer.
  • Thermometers.
  • Folding Thermometers.
  • Infrared Thermometers.


Handheld Meters


pH & Conductivity

Handheld Meters

  • pH Meters.
  • Conductivity Meters.
  • pH and Conductivity Standard Tester.


Handheld Meters


Food Inspection

Handheld Meters

  • FOM 330 Food Oil Monitoring.
  • EB 4401 Food Inspection Case.


Handheld Meters

  • OPTi-Multiscale Hand Refractometer
  • Salt meter set