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Precision Measurement from SI Analytics, Xylem


With more than 40 years of expertise, SI Analytics has been known for high quality piston burettes, titrators, sample changers and software.
For all areas of industry, research, education, as well as water and environmental laboratories. All devices as well as the software provide convenience with innovative features as well as easy handling.


SI Analytics, a world-renowned manufacturer of glass capillary viscometers and automatic viscometry meters. Compliant with the relevant DIN, ISO and ASTM standards.


With 80 years of expertise, SI Analytics electrode line includes three product families BlueLine, ScienceLine and TopLine to meet your applications. Whether for ultrapure water, jam, crème or drinking water, our brand SI Analytics offers the right electrode for every application.

Laboratory Meters

For pH, ORP, conductivity, ISE, oxygen, TDS with both benchtop and handheld models

Data Loggers & Thermometers from Ebro, Xylem

Validation Data Loggers

Validation step is required to demonstrate that processes, equipment, materials, work steps or systems actually lead to the expected results.

Routine Control Data Loggers

Routine control is a regular test to determine the performance of the equipment. It is the verification that the limits are in accordance to the validation. The frequency depends on the device and the process.

Cold Chain and Process Monitoring

A broad product portfolio of diverse data loggers for cold chain and process monitoring, for temperature, pressure and humidity measurement in routine monitoring, validation as well as process and cold chain monitoring.


The ebro® product range includes a large number of thermometers for many different purposes

Folding Thermometers

Conformed to the DIN 13485 standard, the ebro ® folding thermometers are suitable for monitoring temperatures quickly and precisely. High-precession, robust, shock-resistant and have a long battery life.

Infrared Thermometers

With ebro® infrared thermometers; The temperature of objects can be measured without having to make contact with them. Precise results can thus also be achieved from a distance.


The ebro®  hygrometers can measure both humidity and temperature, in fields of industry applications, as well as private households or warehouses, where too high humidity can be found or needed to be monitored for one’s health.

pH Measurement Devices

A variety of instruments for the measurement of pH values as well as conductivity in microSiemens.


Robust and highly accurate vacumeters with EX certification. For measurement of low atmosphere pressure, in potentially explosive atmospheres or in process monitoring

Refractometers and Salt Meter

With their internal light, meters can be used independent from the ambient light, with the ability to calculate and show the measurement values automatically in the display - no reading or converting a scale is necessary any more!

Food Oil Monitor and Food Inspection Case

For fast and reliable measurement of the food oil quality directly in the hot food oil and for the determination of the right time to replace the food oil for consistently high frying quality.

Measurement & Control From Bellingham + Stanley, Xylem


High quality ‘general purpose polarimeters’ for use in a variety of applications, along with a range of sample tubes and quartz control plates for instrument validation. 


B+S expertise in optical engineering, electronics and software design enables them to create refractometers that are used throughout the world’s food, drinks, pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum industries. 


Calibration Materials for refractometers and polarimeters

Handheld Refractometers

High quality digital and optical handheld refractometers that are ideal for measurements on the go.