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MQore Technical Consulting is a professional service provider in Food Industry from Farm to Fork, with a reputation for delivering outstanding results in technical consultancy for Quality Systems and Product Excellence.

MQore, partnering with Protek Analitik, is adding value to manufacturers within the Farm to Fork Chain to assure food safety and quality also via Turnkey Laboratory Solutions.

Why MQore?

MQore consists of a team and associates having a vast experience in food industry. We extensively use our know-how to provide word class services in Consultancy and Laboratory Solutions. Our courage for perfection comes from the passion to satisfy our customers and the know-how we accumulate within the team.

We aim to provide all current and future needs of our customers regarding the food safety and quality, whether it is the systems to be established/improved or to build a professional laboratory supporting your GMPs, complying ISO17025 standards.

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Bilgi Cafem : Blogger İçin Dosya İndir Buton Html Kodları   MQore Technical / Protek Catalogue

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